Pearl Home Care understands the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have caused some uncertainty for existing clients and their carers/families.

We also understand that others who are now social distancing may require assistance they didn’t before. Maintaining your health at this time is of the utmost importance and minimising contact with others is the first step in your defence against the virus.

Pearl Home Care has no cases of COVID-19 amongst our staff or clients and is now offering our services in a way that reduces or eliminates contact.

Contact-free services include:

  • Welfare checks – our carer will visit outside your home to confirm (through a door/window) that you are well and have access to necessary supplies.
  • Comfort calls – we can call you on the phone to check on your welfare and to speak with you for a period of time to reduce your sense of isolation.
  • Grocery and medication shopping – we can visit supermarkets and pharmacies on your behalf to ensure you have enough food and drink and adequate medication supplies.
  • Prescription coordination – we can work with your medical provider to arrange a new prescription (where they have run out), prior to filling this for you at the pharmacy.
  • Virtual visits – where you have access to video technology (e.g. skype or zoom), we can arrange video calls and consultations with you to check on your wellbeing, coordinate anything you need and just have a chat. We can also assist you with setting up the technology you need.

Whether during a welfare check, comfort call or virtual visit, we will assist you to identify any health concerns (e.g. signs or symptoms of COVID-19), coordinate medical assistance (where required), check on your mental and emotional health during isolation, and provide you with valuable social connection.

How to arrange contact-free services

  1. Our existing clients should contact their local office to discuss changing services delivered under their existing plan to non-contact services.
  2. New clients of any age can contact their nearest office or contact us on 1300 688 118 to discuss their eligibility for funded care or to arrange a private pay service.