Nursing Support

At-home nursing support delivers multifaceted aged and disability care to patients in the comfort of their own home.

Pearl Home Care’s personal nurses create care plans with the help of other medical professionals to assist patients to achieve their treatment or recovery-specific goals based on their diagnosis. These plans can be therapeutic, rehabilitative, or preventive in nature.

We provide home nursing support for the aged and those with a disability who are well enough to be discharged from a healthcare facility, but still require specialist care to further manage medical interventions at home.

Private nursing support at home allows patients to recover from surgery or injury or to manage a chronic condition in the familiar environment of their residence.

Provided on a planned basis, private nursing support can be either short or long-term, depending on the requirement of the patient or as suggested by the doctor. The services under private nursing support at home are often delivered with the assistance of medical equipment and supplies as well as medications as per the nursing care plan of the patient.

If you require emergency medical attention, please call your doctor, after hours service or 000.

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Who can benefit from in-home nursing support?

  • Patients requiring post-hospital rehabilitation at home
  • Individuals with a chronic medical condition, requiring at home private duty nursing care under a doctor’s supervision
  • People of any age, recovering from some medical condition or injury, who require specialized medical care
  • Seniors with age-related health issues, who require specialized medical care at home

Nursing support offered by Pearl Home Care

When you book Pearl Home Care’s round-the-clock, private nursing support, you can rest assured that you or your loved one is in safe hands in times of need. Under the supervision of a doctor, we thoroughly examine and identify the patient’s health conditions as well as the level of care and appropriate medical interventions required.

Pearl’s private duty nurses are qualified and experienced to provide all necessary in-home-based treatment, care and/or education. They can assist with a range of in-home care, including but not limited to:


Wound management/care


Monitoring and administering medications


Injections, catheters


Diabetes care and support

Respiratory care and oxygen therapy

Monitoring long-term conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s


Checking vital signs of health and wellbeing


Rehabilitation support

No issue is too small for our dedicated nursing team, who will ensure that their patients are being well looked after and receive all the at-home medical attention necessary to assist their recovery or for proper disease management.

Our private home nursing staff liaise with other medical professionals, therapists and dieticians to ensure that all health and wellbeing needs of the patient are fully met. They can also refer you to the right health professionals where specialised treatment is required.


FREE Consultation

An in-home assessment and care plan estimate is completely FREE at Pearl Home Care. We encourage you to get in touch to schedule a FREE one-on-one session to discuss your unique needs with our professional home care givers or skilled private nurses.