Comfort Calls Program

As the name suggests, Comfort Calls are a specialised type of home care service, aimed at comforting home care seekers, usually elderly people, who want to spend their life post retirement in the familiar environment of their homes.

A common problem that most seniors retiring at home experience is “loneliness” – mainly because either they live alone, or their younger family members are not available to them due to competing commitments.

If not addressed promptly, this seemingly trivial problem can lead to serious issues like anxiety and depression, eventually hampering the quality of life of your loved one, both mentally and physically.

Comfort Calls are a great way to ensure that an ageing person feels socially connected at home, even if no one is physically around. This not only helps alleviate loneliness but allows them to feel supported and cared for during times of your absence.

Who can benefit from the Comfort Calls Program?

  • Retired people living alone at home
  • Seniors, willing to spend the last phase of their life in the comfort of their homes, but with family caregivers available to them for most part of the day.
  • Elderly people who are temporary alone and want to avoid loneliness.

Comfort Calls Program at Pearl Home Care

To overcome the potential for loneliness experienced between home visits, Pearl Home Care can schedule Comfort Calls as part of your Care Plan and these calls can be made daily, weekly or as frequently as you like.

A dedicated Pearl care worker will call at the scheduled time, not just to chat but also to monitor your wellbeing, safety and overall comfort. A good-old yarn can help reduce the feeling of being lonely during isolated periods. Pearl callers are trained to detect and report any signs of stress or threat to the wellbeing of the call recipient. 

Comfort call fees are a fraction of the care service fees and can be included in your Home Care Package. All calls are recorded as part of Client Care Notes and protected under the Privacy Act.


FREE Consultation

An in-home assessment and care plan estimate is completely FREE at Pearl Home Care. We therefore encourage you to get in touch with us to schedule a FREE one-on-one session to discuss your unique needs with our professional home care givers and comfort callers.